2018 Summer Convention Recap

The Missouri Green Party held our Summer 2018 Convention on August 18th in Boonville, MO. At the convention, party members from around the state discussed and voted on a number of important issues. Continue reading

Senator McCaskill Delivers The Funds For The Racist Anti-Immigrant Machine

  Democrat US Senator Claire McCaskill is proud that the National Border Patrol Council (the Border Patrol union) endorsed her over Republican Josh Hawley. The Border Patrol is part of the same Orwellian Government bureaucracy that is locking up children on the border and demanding to see the papers of Hispanic-looking people on public transportation around the country. The Council’s endorsement states: “In 2018, we endorsed Donald Trump for president because he was tough on borders and strong on enforcement. We’re endorsing Claire McCaskill now for the exact same reasons.” Part of the Council's endorsement of Trump included this gem: "Mr. Trump is correct when he says immigration wouldn’t be at the forefront of this presidential campaign if months ago he hadn’t made some bold and necessary statements. And when the withering media storm ensued he did not back down one iota." Yes, the Council was referring to Trump’s racist campaign kick-off speech calling Latino immigrants rapists.   Continue reading

State Platform Completed!

  After a year of our Platform Committee's hard work, the membership at the August 2018 State Convention voted in six remaining planks to our State Platform! All party members had the opportunity to be involved throughout the process by joining Platform sub-committees, sending feedback on draft planks, participating in local chapter feedback on draft planks, and finally during the discussion& voting at the convention. We appreciate every one of you who put work into this project, especially the many committee members! Huge thanks to Don Fitz for leading this effort through to the end and ensuring that we came out of the 2018 convention with a full Platform!  Continue reading

Missouri Voters Deserve Balanced Election Coverage

Freedom of the press is one of the keystones of American democracy, but how can we have a democracy when the press fails to lend a voice to ALL qualified participants in these midterm elections? Continue reading

US Senate & State Auditor Candidate Debates

  On Friday September 14, 2018, Green Party statewide candidates Jo Crain for US Senate and Don Fitz for State Auditor will face-off with candidates from the other parties in the first debates of the General Election season! This is the second time our statewide candidates have been able to join the debates since we gained ballot access. [Pictured above is Don Fitz at the 2016 debates] The debates are hosted by the Missouri Press Association and will be held Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel, 191 West Port Plaza Dr, St. Louis, MO 63146.   Debate times: 1:30 pm State Auditor Debate 3:00 PM US Senate Debate   Check our Facebook Page for updates on how you can watch the debates live. If you miss the debates, you can watch them later on the Missouri Press Association's C-SPAN page.    Continue reading

Great Green Pesto Feast - 9/16/18

One of the best vegan dinners in St. Louis is coming up! Join us for the 28th Annual Great Green Pesto Feast Sunday, September 16, 2018, 6-8 P.M. at Brentwood Congregational Church, 2400 South Brentwood Blvd (at Litzsinger/Eulalie) 63144 Continue reading

2018 Summer Convention

  On August 18th, our party is holding our second annual convention since we gained ballot access in 2016. The Convention will be held at the Evangelical United Church of Christ, 700 East Spring Street, Boonville, MO 65233. Please RSVP here: https://www.missourigreenparty.org/2018_state_convention Continue reading

Historic Green Party Primary Election

    Tuesday August 7th is a historic day because it is the first primary election ever for our party! Before we achieved statewide ballot access in 2016, we didn’t have primaries. This year, we also have our first ever primary race for US Senate between our members Jerome Bauer and Jo Crain! And in Jackson County, endorsed Green Party member Nathan Kline is fending off a challenge from a non-member to be our party’s County Executive candidate. So it’s very important for you to participate in the primary and help make these crucial decisions for our party. Be sure to ask for a Green Party Ballot! (The ballot may not be colored Green).   Also, turn out to Vote NO on Prop A! Right to Work is wrong for our state and is aimed at weakening labor unions and the working class! Continue reading

Green Party Candidate Tour!

  Our candidates for US Senate Jerome Bauer & Jo Crain, as well as Don Fitz for State Auditor will be appearing at three town halls July 29-30th along with local candidates at each stop. Come ask them questions and hear how electing Green Party candidates will change politics! Continue reading

What does it mean to "Get Money Out Of Politics?"

  The Green Party sees that our political system is distorted so that the more money one has, the louder voice one has and the more access to decision makers. This is the reason for the slogan, "Get Money Out of Politics!" And it's the reason that the Green Party of the United States does not take "corporate money." But what does that mean and how does that play out practically? At our Spring 2018 state meeting, the Missouri Green Party sorted through the campaign finance quagmire and settled on clear-cut guidance for our party and candidates. Our party now requires all candidates seeking our endorsement to agree to this policy. This is just one way in which we require accountability from our candidates.  Continue reading



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