2018 Summer Convention Recap

The Missouri Green Party held our Summer 2018 Convention on August 18th in Boonville, MO. At the convention, party members from around the state discussed and voted on a number of important issues.

These issues included: 

  • Electing new state party officers for 2018-2019: Chair - Andrea Ganier, Secretary - Zay Thompson, Treasurer - Joe Civettini, Outreach Coordinator - Dominique Davidson
  • Deciding whether to endorse a congressional candidate
  • Electing new Green Party of United States National Committee delegates: Elston McCowan, Ron Burch, and Kai McCoy (alternate)
  • Ratifying 6 new platform planks to round out our 7-plank state platform
  • Becoming the first Missouri political party to endorse the Amendment 2 Medical Marijuana ballot question
  • Removing 501(c)4 status from our Article of Incorporation to comply with the law
  • Deciding to go back to a two day convention in 2019
  • Adopting a Unified Membership Stewardship policy to better organize our membership system


This was our second annual convention since we achieved ballot access and we all left feeling that it was highly productive. We are especially pleased to have a state party platform as we head into the mid-term elections and voters look at where we stand on the issues. Our candidates are also excited to campaign for the historic Amendment 2!


One of the major benefits of having party membership is that members get to directly speak into the direction of the party. Unlike the corporate war parties, the membership shapes the policy positions of our party. Every member gets to attend and vote in our state-wide meetings and conventions. Membership also allows us to be self-funded instead of having to raise money from the wealthy like the other parties. Please help us continue to build this independent working-class party by joining us as a member today!



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