Organizational Structure


Missouri Green Party is affiliated with the The Green Party of the United States (GPUS), connecting MOGP members in solidarity with members of other state and local Green Party organizations across the country.

Articles of Incorporation

Missouri Green Party is a Missouri non-profit corporation consisting of individual members and local chapters. Click here to view our Articles of Incorporation.


Bylaws govern our operations and guide our processes as an organization. Click here to view our Bylaws.

Chapters and Memberships

Chapters of Missouri Green Party are locally-organized, self-determined groups. Each chapter has a representative that sits on the State Coordinating Committee to serve as a liaison between the state and local levels. All of our members pay annual membership dues. The chapters share a portion of the dues they receive with the state party organization. Membership in a local chapter includes membership in the state party organization. At-large (individual) memberships are also available. Our membership organization focuses the political and fiscal power of the Missouri Green Party. 


County Committees

Missouri law establishes a series of committees that constitute the legal structure of an established political party. The members of our membership organization run in primary elections to serve on these committees and hold the legal power of the Missouri Green Party. View our list of county committees


Officers & Committees

Officers of the Missouri Green Party serve on the State Coordinating Committee and are elected annually by members of the Missouri Green Party. Click here to view our Officers & Committees. 

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