Local chapters are the core of Green Politics

We spend most of our efforts in our own communities, building the experience and credibility that makes us a realistic option come election time. This Green Synergy between consistent issue-based activism between elections, and running candidates to amplify the issues is unique to the Green Party, and a big part of Green Party growth in Missouri and elsewhere. 

Check out the active chapters below or if there is not one near you, join now and  learn how to build one near you.

At-Large Kansas City St. Louis Mid-Missouri Southwest Missouri Greater Springfield

We believe that membership dues help define who is invested in the party and should have a voice in the party. Missouri has open primaries and no party registration. Your main avenue of communicating your preferences for the direction of the two corporate war parties is at the voting booth. But your voice isn’t as loud as their corporate funders who speak with dollars. With the Missouri Green Party, you can become a member and have a say in the direction of the party as well as helping us be self-funding rather than reliant on money from corporate interests with strings attached. You can read about our members’ rights and responsibilities in our bylaws.

The Kansas City & St. Louis Chapters have their own membership processes. See their pages for instructions on joining the state party through these chapters. To join the other chapters, either visit their meetings or get State Party Membership and indicate in the comments section which chapter you want to join. After submitting your membership form, be sure to fill out the contribution form to pay your dues and complete the membership process. Please be aware that chapters have the right to refuse membership.

To get state party membership without joining a chapter, simply fill out the State Party Membership form and pay your dues.

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