• Meet Our Candidates. Independence from the two capitalist parties and their corporate sponsors allows our elected officials to take strong stands for the people they serve.

  • The Missouri Green Party fights for stronger wages, healthcare, climate justice, racial and gender equality, accessibility, and the realization of democracy within our current political system.

  • May 26, 2018 Join the March Against Monsanto

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    Missouri Greens Contribute to CLEAN Missouri Success

    Last August, members voted during the state convention to gather signatures for CLEAN Missouri. 206,992 signatures — representing ALL 115 Missouri counties were submitted in Jefferson City. That is more than enough to get CLEAN Missouri on the ballot in November.
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    KC Greens Join KC Grassroots Network

    The Green Party of Kansas City, Missouri voted unanimously to join the Kansas City Grassroots Network on May 3, 2018.  Social and political transformation in the US has always required strong social movements. The Green Party, as an independent, anti-capitalist political party, reflects the agenda of the social movements and its members are engaged in struggles in order to use the electoral system as a tool for transformation, revolution, change.  The Green Party is committed to bottom-up movement building and to working in solidarity, as members of the working class, with all of the oppressed and their struggles.   As a political party, our role includes running candidates, but as a relatively small and growing party, our power also resides in building and strengthening the popular movement against capitalism and class dominance, abelism, cis-hetero-patriarchy and all manifestations of oppressive and White supremacist culture. (See Building Green Party Power for more insights on this issue.)
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