• Meet Our Candidates. Independence from the two capitalist parties and their corporate sponsors allows our elected officials to take strong stands for the people they serve.

  • The Missouri Green Party builds on 2016's momentum and lays the groundwork for building an progressive electoral movement independent from corporations.

  • The Missouri Green Party fights for stronger wages, healthcare, climate justice, racial and gender equality, accessibility, and the realization of democracy within our current political system.

  • Four Pillars: Peace, Ecology, Social Justice, Democracy

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  • Latest from the blog

    International Workers Day and the Mama's Day Bail Fund

    Mark your calendars as Kansas City is throwing a May Day Concert to celebrate International Workers Day and to raise funds for the KC Mama's Day Bail Out Fund!  When? May 1, 6-11pm.   Where? Revolution Records Kansas City 1830 Locust St, Kansas City, Missouri 64108   Celebrate May Day with Tyler Gosnell, Ani Mal, Evil Pillows, Cara de Bebe! Featured speakers between sets include radical historian and poet Fred Whitehead, doula and community organizer Reale Justice, prison resister and homeless advocate Keith Brown-El.
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    Medicare for All Launch Party - Greens join the Democratic Socialists of America

    The Green Party is fighting for Single Payer Healthcare, Medicare for all and will be joining the Democratic Socialists of America on Saturday, April 21 for a Medicare for All Launch Party, 11 AM - 2 PM, at the SEIU Local 1 building (4526 The Paseo, Kansas City, MO 64110).
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