Corporate-Free Voter Pledge

Tired of the corrupt pay-to-play political system? Sign our Corporate-Free Voter Pledge to help get money out of politics.

Politicians often run for office saying that they are not influenced by the money they take from corporations and wealthy donors, but we all know that is hogwash. The idea of our Corporate-Fee Voter Pledge is simple: The only way to get money out of politics is for enough voters to commit to voting only for candidates who commit to running without taking any money from businesses and the super rich.

By signing the Corporate-Free Voter Pledge, voters make a commitment to stand up to the corrupting influence of money in politics by refusing to cooperate with it anymore.  The corporate parties that built the current pay-to-play system are not going to reform it themselves. Only when enough voters pledge to only vote for corporate-free candidates will we be able to return representative democracy back to the United States.

By signing this pledge, you affirm that you:

  1. Will not vote for any political candidate that accepts campaign donations, gifts, or any other type of remuneration from corporations or wealthy individuals or their lobbyists and representatives, and

  2. Will not vote for any political candidate that refuses to denounce the use of “dark money” to either support their candidacy or to attack their opponents, and

  3. Will not vote for any political candidate that does not prioritize getting private money out of politics for good in America by establishing the public financing of American elections as is the norm in many other nations.

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GreensKC Outreach
Leslie Hahn
Winston Belisle
Don Fitz
Ronald Wagoner
Deanna Kline
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  • GreensKC Outreach
    signed 2022-11-12 15:14:24 -0600
  • Leslie Hahn
    signed 2022-11-06 16:32:14 -0600
  • Winston Belisle
    signed 2022-11-06 13:19:26 -0600
  • Don Fitz
    signed 2022-11-06 10:33:32 -0600
    The Green Party should have done this when the corporate parties refused to allow Ralph Nader in their debates.
  • Ronald Wagoner
    signed 2022-11-06 10:21:51 -0600
  • Deanna Kline
    signed 2022-09-08 16:06:57 -0500
  • GreensKC Secretary
    published this page 2022-08-13 12:02:58 -0500