Green Party of Joplin


We are a local chapter of the Missouri Green Party located in Missouri's 7th Congressional District, in Joplin, MO. Guided by a moral compass and our 10 Key Values; Grassroots Democracy, Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice and Equal Opportunity, Non-Violence, Decentralization, Community Based Economics, Feminism, and Respect for Diversity. Our organization stands firm in championing People, Planet & Peace over Profit!



Co-Coordinator: TBA

Co-Coordinator: TBA

Secretary: TBA

Deputy Secretary: TBA

Treasurer: TBA

Outreach Coordinator: TBA

Chapter Representative to the State Coordinating Committee: TBA



General Meetings are typically held monthly.


Chapter membership is $20 per year and is renewed annually on the date of initial membership. Five dollars of those dues is shared with the Missouri Green Party. Membership gets you voting rights in both the Green Party of Joplin and the Missouri Green Party.

Click here to join as a first-time member of the Missouri Green Party or renew your membership.

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