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What's the Green Party? The word "Green" means more than just the environment—it means doing what's right for healthy systems. That's why we are feminist, why we are anti-racist, why we support gender equality and gender diversity, and why we reject capitalism—and why we believe all these things are interrelated. The Missouri Green Party is no ordinary party: we're a membership-based, dues-paying party funded by individual working-class members, not corporate and elite interests. We're committed to social, racial, economic, and environmental justice. Select an area below to learn more.

What We Stand For

Our Four Pillars are the roots every Green Party organization stands for and, from there, branch out into our Ten Key Values.

Our state party Platform was created, vetted and approved by our members and is always a work in progress as the struggle for peace and justice evolves. 

Check out our FAQ to read more about who we are and what we stand for. 

How We Operate

Democracy demands transparency! We strive to keep all of our decision-making and procedures accessible. View our Policies.

Our Bylaws govern our operations and guide our processes. Our Articles of Incorporation are also available to view. 

Our Organizational Structure is developed to support our volunteer-based, grassroots model.

Our Officers & Committees focus our efforts, prioritize our goals and help lead our way forward. 

Our County Political Party Committees are the legal structure of the Green Party in Missouri and are vital to our existence as a political force to put People, Planet and Peace Over Profit. 

What We're Up To

As a grassroots organization, our power comes from the local level. 

Find a Local Chapter near you or learn How to Start a Local Chapter in your area. 

Where To Reach Us

Sign Up for News and Updates to stay connected.

Join us on Facebook and  Twitter for our latest announcements.

Contact Us directly--we'd love to hear from you!

More Information

Check out our Blog.

View Resources to support our political activism.

Read about Missouri Green Party Candidates/Elections.

Access the Green Party US Election Database.


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  • Jayden Yeary
    commented 2022-11-10 15:47:12 -0600
    This is Jayden all the way down in the Joplin Missouri area. I feel like we need to do more, I mean peaceful protests, and debates with other parties to make our party spread.