Officers & Committees

Missouri Green Party Officers - 2019 Membership Year

The State Coordinating Committee meets on the third Saturday of every month to help coordinate our organization’s business between state-wide meetings.

Chair Andrea Ganier Kansas City
Treasurer Joe Civettini St. Louis
Secretary Zay Thompson Kansas City
Outreach Coordinator Dominique Davidson Kansas City
St. Louis Chapter Representative Don Fitz St. Louis
Kansas City Chapter Representative John Simpson Kansas City
Springfield Chapter Representative Jason Back Springfield
Joplin Chapter Representative Darrell Sour Joplin
Columbia Chapter Representative Paul Lehmann Columbia

Delegates, GPUS National Committee

Elston McCowan
Ron Burch
Kai McCoy (alternate)
Kansas City
St. Louis

Missouri Green Party Committees

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Platform & Policy

Responsible for conducting ongoing platform work, researching and providing recommendations for current issues in Missouri that are more detailed than the platform.


Responsible for recruiting candidates, researching electoral opportunities, researching technical campaign issues to assist candidates, and researching opposition.


Consists of programmers, designers, and content writers.

2019 Convention

Will work together in planning the 2019 Missouri Green Party state convention.


Prepares draft agendas for MOGP meetings, proposes needed task groups, and help task groups coordinate their work.


Reports to the Coordinating Committee and MOGP meetings concerning environmental and social justice groups that are potential allies of the MOGP, makes recommendations for joint undertakings with these groups, suggests groups that could be invited to make presentations at MOGP meetings, and seek opportunities for MOGP representatives to address other groups.


Responsible for writing press releases, blogging and emailing Party announcements, creating social media memes and posts, and creating Party literature.


Develops ideas for raising money for the MOGP and assists the State Treasurer with her/his duties.


Recruits new members and to helps new chapters get started.


Assists the State Secretary in archiving records and performing other duties involving correspondence.




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