Become A Candidate

So you want to be a Green Party candidate…

Congratulations! You’ll be joining a legacy of people speaking truth to power and offering their fellow citizens an alternative to the two capitalist war parties. You’re participating in democracy in action! Every campaign we engage in is an effort to build our Party into a tool for working-class people to liberate themselves from our political and economic masters. We’re in this for the long haul and we’re happy to have you join us!


Check your qualifications

The Secretary of State’s office lists the legal qualifications for each state and federal office (and most county offices) on their website. There are residency, voter registration, age, tax, and criminal history requirements. Make sure that you qualify.

You can find out which political districts you live in at these links:

Other things to consider are that Federal employees cannot run for partisan office and municipal, county, and state employees have to leave their jobs if elected to the state legislature or state senate.


Become a Missouri Green Party member

Before deciding to run as a Green, read through the national platform to make sure that you align with our values and positions. Then, check out our bylaws and become a member of the Missouri Green Party organization. Membership will connect you with the Green activists and the Party support that you’ll need for your campaign. If you live near one of our local chapters, it’s best to plug-in there well before the election so that you and Greens near you can get to know each other.


Contact us

Let us know that you are considering running for office! We guide our members through the process of filing, campaign finance reporting, and running a campaign. Our Party works hard to support our candidates in a variety of other ways throughout the campaign.

If you are a Missouri Green Party organization member in good standing, our Party will consider endorsing you and supporting your campaign, even in non-partisan races. Our Elections Committee will want to talk to you and get to know you before the Party makes an endorsement decision. We want to be sure that we’re supporting candidates who will authentically represent our Party and our values, not just use our ballot line. 




State Elections

In most state elections, you will have to be elected in the Summer primary election before going to the Fall general election. If you have no Green opponents in the Green primary, then you’ll automatically continue to the general election where you’ll compete against candidates from other parties. 

If another Green Party member runs against you, our Party may decide to endorse one of you before the primary or hold off to see the results of the primary before endorsing for the general election. If you have no primary challenger, then our Party may endorse you before the primary.


Special elections

The Governor calls special elections to fill vacancies when an incumbent steps down or dies. The Secretary of State will send a letter with the election date and filing period to the State Party or the Green Party district committee. The committee nominates the candidate and the candidate files within the deadline. There is no primary election because of this special nomination process. 


Local elections

Most local (below county level) elections are non-partisan, which means that party labels are not on the ballot. Local races have no primary elections and are on their own cycles. These elections are for offices such as mayor, city council, school district board, water district board, and fire district board. You’ll need to check your local election board to find more information about these elections. Running for local office can be a great way to get your first taste of campaigning.