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History of the Green Party of Kansas City, MO

It is with deep gratitude that we honor those who came before us. The Green Party in Kansas City has been around since 1985 and the original activists helped start many local organizations. Now that we are a recognized political party in the state of Missouri, we are continuing the struggle for an just, sustainable world that puts people, planet and peace over profit.

Local Greens have helped start the following organizations: 
KC Food Circle 
Food Not Lawns Kansas City 
Bridging The Gap 
Squash Blossom Food Cooperative
Seed Savers KC 
Kansas City Permaculture Education, Extension and research (KCPEER)

Resolution Honoring Kansas City Green Party
Action Pioneers, February 2, 2017 Kansas City Missouri

Whereas the Coming Home to Eat Conference: Creating a Sustainable Regional Food System, was held ten years ago February 2 - 3, 2007 in Kansas City Missouri.

Whereas Key Kansas City Green Party founding members; Ben Kjelshus, Dee Berry, Craig Volland , Marie Smith along with numerous volunteers and sponsoring organizations organized and conducted the Coming Home to Eat Conference through their nonprofit, Heart of America Action Linkage.

Whereas the Coming Home to Eat Conference highlighted the dire reality of massive food insecurity in the Kansas City bioregion.

Whereas the Coming Home to Eat Conference catalyzed Greens to form the Kansas City chapter of Food Not Lawns, an International environmental action group. Food Not lawns KC has conducted over 20 UMKC Communiversity Classes, twice yearly, teaching hundreds of area residents Urban Permaculture design and ecologically sound strategies for replacing lawns and high maintenance landscaping while turning neighborhoods into communities.

Be it resolved that the Kansas City Heart of America Chapter of the Green Party of Missouri honors and thanks Ben, Dee, Marie and Craig for exemplifying Green thought and action at the local level. For putting their energy into creative solutions for food security, environmental and social justice issues in the Kansas City Bio-Region and for leaving an enduring legacy of local action for future generations.

Attested this day, Thursday February 2, 2017 by Valorie and Steve

Become a member of the Green Party of Kansas City, MO!

Welcome! This is your chance to grow the Green Party in Missouri. The Green Party refuses all corporate contributions, so dues-paying members play a vital role ensuring our state and local organizations have the resources needed to build the party.

Who Can Become a Member of the Green Party of Kansas City, MO?

Any Missouri resident (documented or undocumented) who is 16 years of age or older in agreement with the 10 key values strives to support and uphold the work of the Green Party of Kansas City Missouri, and is not a member of another political party, may pay annual dues and thereby participate as an active member of the Green Party of Kansas City Missouri.  Members set their own dues rate using a budget-friendly sliding scale, and initiated payment of those dues. You choose your own dues level on the honor system, based on what you can pay. All Green Party of Kansas City, MO members must pay dues.*

How Do I Sign Up?

We’ve set up the following options to make participation as easy as possible. Click on one of the following three:

  1. Monthly Online Payment (click here): Register online and set up an online recurring dues payment.
  2. Onetime Online Payment (click here): Register online and set up an online onetime dues payment.
  3. Download a PDF form and mail in your registration with a check or money order.

Please check our FAQ section below, or contact the Green Party of Kansas City, MO treasurer at kansascity@missourigreenparty.org. 



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