US Presidential Candidate Jill Stein is Coming to Kansas City

US PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE JILL STEIN IS COMING TO KANSAS CITY Kansas City-area residents will have an opportunity to meet the presumptive Green Party nominee for US President later this month. Kansas City, MO -- 04/16/2024 Continue reading

The Democratic Party and Republican Party are the Same

The argument that the Green Party is a spoiler that takes votes away from the Democratic Party is a Democratic Party perpetuated myth. As exit polling has shown for decades, most Green Party voters would not have voted for either of the two corporate party candidates, if the Green Party candidate was not in the race. I, and almost every Green Party voter that I have ever met (and I have been an active Green since 1996) only vote for candidates that refuse corporate donations, i.e. Green Party candidates. The Green Party targets and gets almost all of its votes from the largest group of American voters, those that have given up on American politics because they don't see either corporate party serving their interests. I think that the majority of American voters are correct in this depressing opinion.   Because both the Democratic and Republican Parties serve the same corporate interests, they agree on almost everything. There is only a handful of issues that they significantly differ on--guns, gays, and abortion are just about it. In almost every other sector of American life, the two corporate parties completely agree that the Market (their wealthy donors) should determine what happens. Their only role is to do nothing beyond funneling the largest pot of money in the world (the US tax base) to their wealthy donors, who not only do not pay their fair share of taxes, but, in many cases, pay no taxes at all. The situation is the same in Red States as it is in Blue States. Whether you live in California (all Blue) or Texas (all Red) many Americans are living in parks and under bridges, public infrastructure is falling apart, the sick and injured do not have access to the medical care that they need, smart kids cannot afford to go to college, and the list goes on and on. Below are just some of the areas in which the two corporate parties agree in direct contradiction with the will of the majority of the American people. Continue reading

Only a Movement Can Topple Corporate Tyranny

The Green Party is the only significant leftist, socialist, working class, ecology party in the United States in the last 50 years. The Green Party is not about trying to get one person on the ballot.  The Green Party is about running thousands of corporate-free public servants in all 50 states at every level of government--local, county, state, and federal. Hundreds of Green Party candidates have been elected to public office in this country over the last few decades. No other leftist party can claim this. The Green Party is the only political movement that is seriously challenging corporate tyranny.  Continue reading

Bad Omens and Our Only Hope

Just one bad omen, out of many:  Global harvests last year (read: this year’s food) were way below normal due to environmental conditions (read: human-caused climate change) which are already much worse this year (2022-2023 food crises - Wikipedia). The last time there was this much CO2 in the atmosphere, the poles were melted, Kansas City was underwater in the middle of a great inland sea, and much of the world was completely uninhabitable. The effects of CO2 in the atmosphere are delayed by at least 10 years. Even if we stop burning fossil fuels right now, these environmental conditions will continue to get worse every year for the rest of our lives and the lives of our children. As UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, recently put it, “The era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived.” Continue reading

Volunteer Highlight: Jo Ann Greenberg

Hi, everyone! My name is Jo Ann Greenberg and I live in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City with my husband Bob Hill. I'm a retired veterinarian – that was my second career after getting a master's degree in chemistry and working in a research lab for a few years after grad school. I owned a small animal practice in Brooklyn, NY for 18 years before moving back to KC where I grew up. Since retirement, I have been teaching myself to bake – I collect cookbooks (mostly from estate sales) and am trying to branch out in other forms of cooking. Continue reading

Techno Utopians and Dystopians

For decades, there has been, and continues to be, a split in the "ecology" movement. This divide has on one side the techno-utopians who feel that humanity's negative impacts on the Earth’s ecosphere can be corrected with new technology (wind/solar/nuclear/biofuel power, carbon capture, carbon-offsets, terraforming, etc.) that will allow us to continue our growth-based, capitalist society and lifestyles largely untouched. On the other side you have techno-dystopians who contend that humanity, due to our technological ingenuity, has grown more and more out of balance with the natural world since at least the Agricultural Revolution about 10,000 years ago (taking more than we give back to the Earth). Continue reading

GreensKC Endorses Railroad Workers Union Strike

The Green Party supports labor and the unions against corporate/managerial greed and calls for safe, comfortable working conditions for all. People over profit! Continue reading

GreensKC Calls for Regulation of Non-Owner Occupied Short-Term Rentals

The Green Party believes that decent housing is a fundamental human right. Therefore, the Green Party strongly encourages the proper regulation of the housing market as well as the wide expansion of public housing to meet this goal. One of the first steps to work toward this goal is to curtail the hoarding of housing stock by wealthy speculators and developers.  One of the ways this can be achieved is by regulating against the owning and managing of housing as short term rentals by absentee owners.  To this end, the Green Party should stand with and endorse this multi-group effort toward this shared goal by adding our statement in support. Continue reading

GreensKC Supports the Don't Extradite Assange Campaign

The imprisonment of Julian Assange is a threat to press freedom, which is already under attack on multiple fronts; as well as a threat to freedom of any speech or affiliation. Shooting the messenger should never be a thing, even if you disagree with the message. We should never lock people up for saying things that the governing elites don't want to hear. This is violence and we oppose violence. Continue reading

GreensKC Responds to the Democrats' So-Called Climate Bill

Green Party of Kansas City Missouri responds to the Democratic Party's so-called Climate Bill... Continue reading



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