Techno Utopians and Dystopians

For decades, there has been, and continues to be, a split in the "ecology" movement. This divide has on one side the techno-utopians who feel that humanity's negative impacts on the Earth’s ecosphere can be corrected with new technology (wind/solar/nuclear/biofuel power, carbon capture, carbon-offsets, terraforming, etc.) that will allow us to continue our growth-based, capitalist society and lifestyles largely untouched. On the other side you have techno-dystopians who contend that humanity, due to our technological ingenuity, has grown more and more out of balance with the natural world since at least the Agricultural Revolution about 10,000 years ago (taking more than we give back to the Earth). Continue reading

GreensKC Endorses Railroad Workers Union Strike

The Green Party supports labor and the unions against corporate/managerial greed and calls for safe, comfortable working conditions for all. People over profit! Continue reading

GreensKC Calls for Regulation of Non-Owner Occupied Short-Term Rentals

The Green Party believes that decent housing is a fundamental human right. Therefore, the Green Party strongly encourages the proper regulation of the housing market as well as the wide expansion of public housing to meet this goal. One of the first steps to work toward this goal is to curtail the hoarding of housing stock by wealthy speculators and developers.  One of the ways this can be achieved is by regulating against the owning and managing of housing as short term rentals by absentee owners.  To this end, the Green Party should stand with and endorse this multi-group effort toward this shared goal by adding our statement in support. Continue reading

GreensKC Supports the Don't Extradite Assange Campaign

The imprisonment of Julian Assange is a threat to press freedom, which is already under attack on multiple fronts; as well as a threat to freedom of any speech or affiliation. Shooting the messenger should never be a thing, even if you disagree with the message. We should never lock people up for saying things that the governing elites don't want to hear. This is violence and we oppose violence. Continue reading

GreensKC Responds to the Democrats' So-Called Climate Bill

Green Party of Kansas City Missouri responds to the Democratic Party's so-called Climate Bill... Continue reading

KC Greens Endorse Proposition B

On October 4th, 2018 the Kansas City- Heart of America Green Party chapter voted to endorse a ‘yes’ vote on Proposition B in the November 2018 General Election. A ‘yes’ vote supports increasing the state's minimum wage each year until reaching $12 in 2023 and then making increases or decreases based on changes in the Consumer Price Index. The KC-HOA Green Party recognizes the efforts put forth by communities of workers to push this initiative to the ballot. Proposition B is aligned with the Missouri Green Party’s State Platform which demands, “Jobs for all at a living wage. Provide jobs for all that pay living wages as determined by the local community for all workers.” (Economic Plank 3a., 2018). KC-HOA Greens will continue to support laws and policies which value the well-being of individuals and communities above corporate profits.  While we support the increase in minimum wage that will affect thousands of Missourians across the state, we do not think this type of change sufficiently addresses the failures of this economic system which is based on greed and the exploitation of people and planet.  KCHOA-Greens continue to work for our vision of an eco-socialist future of justice for the people of Missouri.

KC Greens Endorse Nation Wide Prison Strike

On August 16, 2018 the coordinating committee for the Kansas City Heart of America Green Party chapter voted by consensus to endorse the 2018 Prison Strike which will be held nationwide starting August 21st. Continue reading

Vote No on Prop A

At the July General Meeting the KC Heart of American Green Party voted to endorse the following statement about the importance of a NO vote on Proposition A in the August 7th election: Continue reading

The Green Party stands with KC Labor United Against Janus

As a newly recognized political party in the state of Missouri, we are a party of working class people who refuse to take money from our bosses as a means to fight for our freedom as the two major capitalist parties, the Republican and Democrats, do. Continue reading

KC Greens Join KC Grassroots Network

The Green Party of Kansas City, Missouri voted unanimously to join the Kansas City Grassroots Network on May 3, 2018.  Social and political transformation in the US has always required strong social movements. The Green Party, as an independent, anti-capitalist political party, reflects the agenda of the social movements and its members are engaged in struggles in order to use the electoral system as a tool for transformation, revolution, change.  The Green Party is committed to bottom-up movement building and to working in solidarity, as members of the working class, with all of the oppressed and their struggles.   As a political party, our role includes running candidates, but as a relatively small and growing party, our power also resides in building and strengthening the popular movement against capitalism and class dominance, abelism, cis-hetero-patriarchy and all manifestations of oppressive and White supremacist culture. (See Building Green Party Power for more insights on this issue.) Continue reading



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