Only a Movement Can Topple Corporate Tyranny

The Green Party is the only significant leftist, socialist, working class, ecology party in the United States in the last 50 years. The Green Party is not about trying to get one person on the ballot.  The Green Party is about running thousands of corporate-free public servants in all 50 states at every level of government--local, county, state, and federal. Hundreds of Green Party candidates have been elected to public office in this country over the last few decades. No other leftist party can claim this. The Green Party is the only political movement that is seriously challenging corporate tyranny. 

Without corporate backing (which is necessary if you are really going to confront the powers of War and Wall Street), you must have a volunteer base to petition for ballot access nationwide. There is only one grassroots, volunteer-based movement that has successfully done this in this country in the last 50 years, the Green Party. We have done this multiple times and will do it again for 2024. Many others have tried and failed. It is not as easy as it looks, but we know how to do it. It will never be one candidate or one personality who can pull this off; it can only come from a mass political movement, only one of which exists in the United States—the Green Party.

The international Green Party is active in over 90 countries around the world and is in the ruling coalition in countries as varied as Germany in Europe and Colombia in South America. Only a worldwide leftist movement can confront the transnational corporate power that is strangling workers and the environment in every corner of the globe. There is only one such movement, the Green Party. 

The Climate Emergency demands that we radically and rapidly change course from the growth-based, free-market capitalist policies that the Democratic and Republican Parties espouse. The Left must now stand and fight together before it is too late. It is imperative for all leftists, socialists, environmentalists, poor, marginalized, and working-class people, to resist schism and further empower the only horse that we have in the race to save us from capitalism running us off of the ecological cliff. That only horse is the Green Party.


By Nathan Kline, 10/05/2023

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  • Leslie Hahn
    commented 2023-11-04 14:07:10 -0500
    Thank you, Nathan!
  • GreensKC Secretary
    published this page in KC Blog 2023-10-05 23:10:52 -0500