GreensKC Endorses Railroad Workers Union Strike

The Green Party supports labor and the unions against corporate/managerial greed and calls for safe, comfortable working conditions for all. People over profit!

Railroad workers in the United States are now engaged in a struggle that affects the entire working class. They have gone for several years without raises, and currently have no paid sick time. They are on call 24/7/365 and work in challenging conditions, often not even having an available bathroom or a decent place to rest. Crews have been cut back to the bare minimum and are forced to work for days at a time while subjected to draconian attendance policies that often prevents them taking time off for illness, funerals, or other important family events. As union workers in a critical juncture in the supply chain, working for corporations that are making record profits, railroad workers have maximum leverage to push for just compensation and benefits.  If they cannot successfully achieve these goals, then almost no workers can in this country.  

Not surprisingly, the Democratic Party-controlled Congress and the Biden administration have forced concessions that benefit only the corporate management of the railroads, while ignoring the needs of union members by blocking their ability to strike, just as Reagan did in the early 1980’s with the Air Traffic Controllers. Among the significant political parties in the U.S., only the Green Party can stand in solidarity with the railroad workers unions, because only the Green Party refuses to take money from railroad corporations and all corporate interests. Only the Green Party steadfastly defends workers’ right to strike for better working conditions and benefits.  Therefore, the Green Party of Kansas City Missouri unequivocally endorses the right of the rail workers unions to strike and fully supports all of their demands which are just and well deserved.  


Approved by the GreensKC Coordinating Committee on Thursday, December 15, 2022.


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