Officers & Committees

The chapter Coordinating Committee consists of seven officers with voting roles:  two co-coordinators, a secretary, a treasurer, an elections officers, an outreach officer and a membership officer, as well as a local chapter representative to the state party who serves an advisory role to, and is not a voting member of, the chapter Coordinating Committee.

Officers of the Green Party of Kansas City Missouri are elected by ranked choice vote at the first GM of each calendar year.  


Co-Coordinator:  Daniel Karam

[email protected]

Daniel has been a member of the Green Party of Kansas City Missouri since 2015 and is now Co-Coordinator for the local chapter. Daniel recently ran for Missouri State House in 2020. Daniel was a member of the Metro Detroit Greens since 1999 and ran for Michigan State House in 2002.  Actually, Daniel’s a hippie from the sixties and still believes in bringing about radical change that Daniel views as Socialism replacing Capitalism as a matter of survival for the planet. Started Activism filing for Conscientious Objector status during the Vietnam debacle. Hitch Hiked around the country off and on for about five years. Managed to find the first Rainbow Gathering in 1972. Twenty Thousand came together near Granby Colorado. People still gather and hold a silent Meditation for World Peace in a different National Forest on the 4th of July every year. Daniel has attended over 30 of these Gatherings and has participated through years of Vision Councils. Daniel also focalized the Recycling for a 10-year period. After a job at Ford Motor Company, Daniel became owner of a Natural Food Store for about 5 years. Studied Writing at Wayne State University in Detroit. Joined the Great Peace March in 1986 and spent two years in Washington DC in close association with the Anti-Nuclear Vigil across from the White House. Daniel did a demonstration at the Capitol and circulated a petition stating that People not only have a Right to pursue but to have a Legal Right to Happiness that could be argued in a Court of Law. Wrote a book called “Magic Web” dedicated to the capture and reform of the corrupt that expresses Daniel’s idealism. Became seriously interested in Christianity and has read through the Bible multiple times. Definitely disagrees with those who spout Christian rhetoric about political issues. Bought a house in Grandview Missouri in 2011. Does protests and demonstrations with an activist group known as PeaceWorks as well as with the local Green Party and Extinction Rebellion. Was part of the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists. Still writing and could be called a Philosopher. Does poetry readings and has sponsored an Open Mic in the Park near midtown Kansas City. Is looking forward to resuming these events after the danger of the Pandemic subsides. Also sponsored a Radio show called “Socialism versus Capitalism.” Is trying to start a business and registered the name “Eliminate Fossil Fuels Cooperative.”

Co-Coordinator:  [Vacant]

[email protected]

Please reach out if you are interested in this exciting leadership position!


Secretary:  Malisha Meador

[email protected]

Malisha has been a member of the Green Party of Kansas City Missouri since its formation in 2016 and has served as the chapter’s Secretary since 2018. Dedicated, organized and consistent, Malisha helps the chapter in meeting deadlines, maintaining records and managing projects. Malisha also serves as an active member on multiple chapter committees assisting with training, policy development, finances, communications, member intake, and more. When not “pushing the paperwork,” Malisha enjoys spending time with their partner, Nathan, walking their Chihuahua, Lucy, hugging trees, counting stars, and dismantling the plutocracy. A dual-citizen of the US and Australia, Malisha has lived in Kansas City since age 7. In 2002, Malisha won first place in the Secretarial Procedures competition at the Missouri Business Education Contest. In 2008, Malisha graduated summa cum laude from Rockhurst University earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Nonprofit Leadership. Malisha is currently employed as an Office Coordinator and was previously employed with Missouri Children’s Division as a social worker for child abuse and neglect cases; Malisha also has over 6 years of experience working in the hospitality industry. On choosing to volunteer for the Green Party, Malisha says, “I don’t just see myself as a global citizen, but as an Earthling. I feel an immense moral obligation to do all that I can so that no living being has to suffer. In a world so devastated by rampant capitalism, the best way that I can make a positive impact for meaningful change is through the peaceful, incorruptible, global political movement that is the Green Party. As Ralph Nader said, ‘If you don’t turn on to politics, politics will turn on you.’ We can see that politics has, in fact, turned on us in so many ways; it’s time we stand up and fight back for a just and sustainable world.”


Treasurer:  Sundance Abner

[email protected]

Sundance currently serves as Treasurer for the Green Party of Kansas City, Missouri. Growing up in the urban core of Kansas City, Sundance has witnessed firsthand the effects lack of resources and education can have on communities. While they eventually went on to graduate from a university and become employed as a civil servant, Sundance has remained keenly aware of how easy it is for one’s progress to be affected by one’s environment. After years of actively voting for the same parties their parents voted for, Sundance eventually became disenchanted with what appeared to be a “status quo” style of government and community leadership, which never seemed to foster any improvement for poorer communities. As Sundance became more interested in recycling and environmental issues, they realized those issues also tended to be neglected by the two-party duopoly. Sundance considered abandoning voting altogether and began to search for alternatives. Sundance shared these feelings with another individual who introduced them to the Green Party. Immediately the entire environment seemed to be more about acceptance and advancement of society than anything the other parties had put forth. After attending some meetings, Sundance eventually became a member and looked for ways to become active in the party. They continued to be involved with the party and eventually took on the role of treasurer for the local chapter. Sundance continues to strive to do their part, along with the rest of the Green Party, to not only improve society for the underprivileged, but to save our environment and improve the lives of all people.


Elections Coordinator:  Sue Edward

[email protected]

Sue grew up in Syracuse, NY and earned a BS in Industrial Engineering (1984) and an MBA (1987) from the State University of New York at Buffalo. It was during these “Greed is Good” years of the ‘80s that, contrary to their classmates’ views, Sue realized that people meant more to Sue than money. Sue lived in Madison, WI (aka, “The Berkeley of the Midwest”) in the ‘90s where Sue’s views became more and more people-oriented. It was in Madison where Sue’s opposition to the Iraq invasion compelled them to join the Madison Area Peace Coalition where they met fellow members who were Communists, Socialists, Greens, Progressive Dems, and mainstream Dems. Although Sue always voted Dem, Sue’s involvement in MAPC incented Sue to explore where Sue fell on the political spectrum. Several google searches later, Sue felt that the Green Party’s Ten Key Values most aligned with their own personal values as a Secular Humanist. Soon after (and before they could join the WI Greens), Sue moved to Charleston, SC. Disappointed to learn that there were only a few Greens in SC (and none near Charleston), Sue continued to support Progressive Dems, including Dennis Kucinich and Russ Feingold. In 2008, Sue walked out of the South Carolina Democratic state convention in disgust and went up the street to the South Carolina Green Party’s convention. There was no turning back! Sue then co-founded the Charleston County Green Party a few weeks later. Sue served as Chair or Co-Chair of the Charleston Green Party from 2008, and Co-Chair of the South Carolina Green Party from 2009, until 2017 when they moved to the Kansas City area. During that time, Sue ran for State Senate, State House, and Charleston County Constituent School Board, and served as treasurer for the Dixon for US Senate Campaign. In addition, Sue was extremely involved in local Charleston issues and groups, including escorting at the Charleston Women’s Medical Center every Saturday for 11 ½ years, Board member of the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry, Treasurer of Charleston for Fair Employment, member of the South Carolina Progressive Network, and many, many more. Sue moved to Lee’s Summit, MO in 2017, where they joined the Kansas City chapter of the Missouri Green Party the same day Sue arrived.  Sue then served as treasurer for the Jo Crain for US Senate 2018 campaign. Sue was elected as the Prairie Township (Lee’s Summit) Green Party Committeeperson in 2018 and 2020, and has served as the Kansas City chapter’s Elections Committee Coordinator since January 2020. Sue has also served as the Missouri Green Party Secretary since August, 2019.


Outreach Coordinator:  Nathan Kline

[email protected]

Nathan is a lifelong resident of Kansas City and a long-time midtown homeowner. A graduate of Kansas City Art Institute, Nathan has a strong background in both public and private sector management and administration. With twenty-five years of hospitality management experience, Nathan brought their skill set to the public sector in 2013 to work for the City Planning and Development Department of the City of Kansas City, Missouri where Nathan currently is dedicated to public service. Nathan has been a supporter of the Green Party since the 1996 Ralph Nader campaign for president after finally coming to the realization that the two corporate parties are irredeemably corrupt. Nathan has previously served as the Membership Officer of the Green Party of Kansas City and currently serves as it’s Outreach Officer.  Their campaign for Jackson County Executive in 2018 garnered over 34,000 votes as a Green Party candidate. In 2020 Nathan again ran as a Green Party candidate for Missouri State Senate District 7 and received over 15,000 votes. As an avid student of history, political science, economics, philosophy and the arts, Nathan continually seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice to achieve a sustainable, just and peaceful society. Nathan is a champion for transforming our government into a conduit of the People’s will and a vehicle to better the lives of working Missourians, as opposed to a concierge service for the rich and well connected.  For Nathan, the Green Party, as the only political party in the US that is not wholly captured by corporations and billionaires, is the only vehicle that can achieve these goals.

Membership Coordinator:  Cris Mann

[email protected]

Cris is a recently retired, Special Education teacher—born in Pittsburgh, PA. Cris went to Slippery Rock University (yes, there is a Slippery Rock!) and graduated in 1972 with a BA in Sociology. In 1979, their ideas and politics changed from merely seeing injustices in the world to becoming active in movements for social change such as fighting for the Equal Rights Amendment; attending anti-apartheid marches and rallies; and protests against war and nuclear weapons. Cris could see the connection of all of these issues because the logic of socialism provided the framework. Joining a socialist group, Cris studied and found more evidence that capitalism perpetuates poverty, racism, women’s oppression and militarism. By taking non-traditional jobs (jobs that were deemed “not women’s work”), Cris could see more clearly the depth of sexism and racism. Interestingly enough, US trade unionists were leading the charge against the assaults on African Americans, women, immigrants and the environment. Cris learned that unions hold the potential of transforming society. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. writes that organized labor uplifts all of society. After working in many unionized shops (auto plant, fertilizer company, bathtub factory, brake pad company, plastics company, tank factory), Cris spent their last 18 years working as a public education teacher in both St. Louis and Kansas City, MO. Cris proudly brags that the wave of recent teacher strikes have contributed to the uplifting of social justice for those in society who have been under-valued---women and children. The Green Party Platform (Platform - is impressive. The Green Party is forming and reforming itself. While this is happening, it’s an exciting place to be! Cris is also active as a volunteer programmer for a labor rights show on community radio; active in PeaceWorks KC, and is an organizing member of a national public education advocacy group, Uniting to Save Our Schools.


Chapter Representative to the MOGP Coordinating Committee:  [Vacant]

[email protected]

Please reach out if you are interested in this exciting leadership opportunity!


The chapter has established four ( 4 ) Standing Committees to distribute the essential work required to enact the will and goals of the membership as determined through the resolutions and decisions made by the membership at its General Meetings:

  • Finance Committee
  • Elections Committee
  • Outreach Committee
  • Membership Committee

Standing Committees are represented on and coordinated by the chapter Coordinating Committee ( CC ) and the coordinating officer from each Standing Committee serves as a voting member of the chapter CC.  






Contact us at [email protected] or (816) 357-9524.




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