Greens Support Dismantling KC’s Nuclear Legacy

In June, 2017, the KC-HOA Green Party Chapter voted to endorse Coalition Against Contamination –KC’s (CAC-KC) mission which is to advocate for the health and environmental protections for workers and communities surrounding the Bannister Federal Complex. The Bannister Federal complex sits directly above Indian Creek and west of the Blue River.  The complex was home to Bendix Aviation Corporation where workers were exposed to over 2000 documented toxic substances.  Former workers will attest to the horrible conditions they were exposed to, as well as undocumented & unregulated disposal of toxic waste. There is a list of over 2000 toxic substances reported to be on site, not to mention whatever has traveled off the complex property. Continue reading

Green Party of Kansas City, MO stands with DREAMERS

The Green Party of Kansas City, MO joined activist groups from across the state and signed onto a letter for the Missouri congressional delegation to pass the Dream Act this year and in support of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). See full letter below: Dear Senator McCaskill, Senator Blunt, and Representatives Clay, Wagner, Luetkemeyer, Hartzler, Cleaver, Graves, Long, and Smith: Continue reading

Saint Louis Candidate Search!

Are you a Green who lives in St. Louis’ Ward 8? Due to a resignation in Ward 8 of St. Louis City, there will be a special election to fill the Alderperson position. Continue reading

Southwest MO Candidate Reveal & Press Conference

For too long candidates have run unchecked and uncontested in Representative and Senate races across Southwest Missouri. Uncontested elections like these don’t even give the illusion of a Democracy like what was envisioned by our country’s founders. Continue reading

First Greens Announce 2018 Candidacies!

Two members of our Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri chapter declared their candidacies at a press conference on November 21, 2017. Preston Reynolds is running to be the Carterville City Councilman from Ward 3 and Conon Gillis is running to be the State Senator from District 32. This is a historic event, giving voters in Southwest Missouri the opportunity to vote Green for the first time in these districts!  Continue reading

Kansas City Heart of America Chapter’s Statement on Daniel Trott Ending His Candidacy for District 23 State Representative

The Missouri Green Party and its Kansas City Chapter intend to use our recently won statewide ballot access to run candidates wherever we can in order to give Missourians a fresh alternative to the corrupt capitalist parties. We were excited at the opportunity to participate in the November 2017 special election for District 23 state representative and share our perspective with the voters there. Our party and our candidate threw ourselves into campaigning. Continue reading

Will a Green Party Candidate Defeat St. Louis Democrats?

Is Elston McCowan crazy to think that he can actually defeat Democratic Party candidates by running on the Green Party ticket in a St. Louis ward that is 95% Black? Maybe not, since in 2015 he received 37% of the vote in Ward 2 against the incumbent.  Continue reading

Fight Back for Charlottesville!

To honor the memory of Heather and all who helped organize the rally against white supremacy in Charlottesville, the Green Party of Kansas City, MO heeding the call to gather for a solidarity and remembrance rally on September 9, 2017 from 9 AM - 2:15 PM in Washington Square Park. Continue reading

2017 State Convention Highlights

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 State Convention held in Columbia last weekend! We had 54 members check in on Saturday and 39 on Sunday. The MOGP is stronger than ever heading into the 2018 election year when we have the chance to build our power, increase our membership, elevate our values, elect Greens to office, and maintain our ballot access! The full convention minutes will be emailed out to the membership when they are finished, as different people took minutes for different sections of the convention. Meanwhile, here are the highlights: Continue reading

Addressing Oppression in the Green Party and how we fight against it

We have a lot of internal discussion around different forms of oppression. As a local political party, we feel that the shared perspective of the current membership needs to be transparent and shared with the community at large. Please see response to our most recent internal conversation and struggle session below with a few statements specifically addressed to white people: Continue reading