Fact Checking President Biden's State of the Union Address on Gaza

By Paul Lehmann, Fayette, MO  03/22/2024 In his State of the Union Address, March 7, 2024, President Joe Biden devoted some time on the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. Many of his statements were misleading and a distortion of the reality in Palestine and unhelpful for peace. Here is a list of fact checks: Continue reading

Missouri CAFOs Contribute to the Gulf’s "Seaweed Belt"

Is there a connection between factory farms and seaweed? The article “5,000-mile seaweed belt is headed toward Florida” (March 24) described 13 million tons of a seaweed that will be on the beaches of the Caribbean islands, Yucatan and Florida. Small amounts of sargassum (common seaweed) washes up seasonally. But the blooms are getting bigger each year. Predictions are that some piles of sargassum on beaches could exceed six feet. Continue reading

Solidarity with Global Conflicts Over Energy

The monumental increase in the use of energy is provoking conflicts across the Earth. The Missouri Green Party expresses its solidarity with those struggling against extraction, including these examples. Continue reading

Kick-Off Notice: Ballot Access Petitioning for 2024

The need for a political alternative in Missouri that is not for sale to corporate interests is greater than ever. Join us in securing statewide ballot access in 2024 for the only Corporate-Free party:   The Green Party!   Continue reading

Green Party Presidential Candidate Dario Hunter to Visit St. Louis

Black, openly gay, the son of an Iranian immigrant and Jewish, The New Republic has called the Green Party's Dario Hunter “as diverse as candidates come.” Continue reading

Green Party Member wins Big in Local Election

On April 2nd, voters in Texas County elected a Missouri Green to the health board. Continue reading

Rank Choice Voting - Legislative Action Alert

The United States’ experiment in democracy was founded on settler colonialism, white supremacy, slavery, heteropatriarchy and domination by propertied classes. The undemocratic aspects of the electoral system go beyond the direct and indirect denial of the right to vote, they include a set of institutions that diminish the public’s capacity to elect representatives who reflect their interests and propose measures for a democratic vote. Some of these institutions allow the wealthy to have out sized voices relative to those of the broad working class. Others maintain and strengthen the status quo, such as unfair electoral districting practices. A massive overhaul of the electoral system could lay the foundations of a truly democratic society only if there were simultaneous efforts to overcome oppression in terms of class, race, gender, sexuality and disability. Continue reading

Green Party Voter Guides

As you go into the polls on Tuesday, remember that the Missouri Green Party has endorsed Amendment 1 (Clean Missouri) and 2 (New Approach Missouri's medical marijuana amendment), and opposes the other two medical marijuana amendments (Amendment 3 & Proposition C). Amendment 2 is the constitutional amendment that allows patients to grow their own plants at home and the tax on the cannabis goes to help veterans. Amendment 3 funds a research center controlled by the Amendment's wealthy backer and Proposition C is a change to state law that can be overturned by the state legislature. The Amendment with the most votes wins so it's important to vote only for Amendment 2.  Continue reading

Vote Jo Crain for US Senate!

  On Friday November 2nd, Democrat Claire McCaskill's campaign manager contacted Jo Crain, the Missouri Green Party candidate for US Senate, to ask her to concede to help McCaskill beat Republican Josh Hawley. Jo courageously declined and pointed out in her video response that she is the only progressive option in the 5-way US Senate race. The Democrats do not own your votes! Continue reading

Vote Don Fitz for State Auditor!

  Often the Green Party gets criticized for running top ticket candidates. Critics say that we should focus on electing local candidates first. Besides the fact that we think our candidates are actually better than the others running, we have two main strategic reasons for running these top ticket candidates: If Don Fitz for State Auditor or Jo Crain for US Senate receives over 2% of the vote, then the Missouri Green Party's statewide ballot access gets extended to 2022. Having statewide ballot access allows us to run candidates up and down the ballot, all over the state, without having to gather signatures. Our ballot line is one of our most powerful tools for raising the public consciousness about the critical issues that the other parties ignore thus to bring in new working class people to organize with us. The statewide candidate campaigns at the top of our ballot line are our largest platforms for broadcasting our message.   Don Fitz has used his State Auditor campaign to envision how the little known State Auditor's office can shine a light on many of the most pressing issues in our state and help make change. Read below how electing Don Fitz as State Auditor will help Missouri house our veterans, improve education funding, make the case for decriminalization of marijuana, challenge the state use of pesticides and herbicides, and prepare for Medicare-for-all. Continue reading



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