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The United States’ experiment in democracy was founded on settler colonialism, white supremacy, slavery, heteropatriarchy and domination by propertied classes. The undemocratic aspects of the electoral system go beyond the direct and indirect denial of the right to vote, they include a set of institutions that diminish the public’s capacity to elect representatives who reflect their interests and propose measures for a democratic vote. Some of these institutions allow the wealthy to have out sized voices relative to those of the broad working class. Others maintain and strengthen the status quo, such as unfair electoral districting practices. A massive overhaul of the electoral system could lay the foundations of a truly democratic society only if there were simultaneous efforts to overcome oppression in terms of class, race, gender, sexuality and disability.

Section 4 of the Missouri Green Party Platform calls for ranked choice voting for single seat positions. Switching to a system of voters’ indicating their first choice, second choice, third choice and so on, will better reflect the will and preferences of citizens. In order for Instant Runoff/Rank Choice Voting to be adopted in Missouri election laws need to be changed. Lees Summit Rep Dan Stacy has introduced HB 28 that requires local elections to use the instant runoff ranked choice voting method. The bill is in the Elections and Elected Officials committee and public hearings will be held soon. Rank Choice supporters need to fill the room to show support. Please call your state rep and ask them to co-sponsor and support this needed electoral modernization.

Elections and Elected Officials Committee people are:

DAN SHAUL (chair) District 113 R STATE CAPITOL 201 W Capitol Ave • Rm 201-A Jefferson City, MO 65101-6806 (573) 751-2504 [email protected]

Peggy McGaugh (vice chair) District 39 R STATE CAPITOL 201 W Capitol Ave • Rm 115-J Jefferson City, MO 65101-6806 (573) 751-1468 [email protected]

Judy Morgan District 24 D 201 West Capitol Avenue Room 105-A Jefferson City MO 65101 (573)-751-4485 [email protected]

John Simmons District 109 R 201 West Capitol Avenue Room 116-2 Jefferson City MO 65101 (573)-751-3776 [email protected]

Dan Stacy S District 31R STATE CAPITOL 201 W Capitol Ave • Rm 116-3 Jefferson City, MO 65101-6806 (573) 751-8636 [email protected]

Cheri Toalson Reisch District 044 R 201 West Capitol Avenue Room 113 Jefferson City MO 65101 573-751-1169 [email protected]

Kevin Windham District 85 D 201 West Capitol Avenue Room 105-I Jefferson City MO 65101 573-751-4468 [email protected]

You can read the full text of the bill: here.

For more information, or to receive a text update about the public hearing, please email [email protected].

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  • Daniel Karam
    followed this page 2019-03-26 10:37:35 -0500
  • Justus Peterson-Rhodes
    commented 2019-03-05 23:18:59 -0600
    A much welcomed bill, especially from a Republican who seems to agree with the Greens on this issue of how a democratic system should follow. I’ll be calling my representative tomorrow, to voice support for HB 28!
  • Elyse Max
    published this page in Blog 2019-02-04 10:51:26 -0600