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As you go into the polls on Tuesday, remember that the Missouri Green Party has endorsed Amendment 1 (Clean Missouri) and 2 (New Approach Missouri's medical marijuana amendment), and opposes the other two medical marijuana amendments (Amendment 3 & Proposition C). Amendment 2 is the constitutional amendment that allows patients to grow their own plants at home and the tax on the cannabis goes to help veterans. Amendment 3 funds a research center controlled by the Amendment's wealthy backer and Proposition C is a change to state law that can be overturned by the state legislature. The Amendment with the most votes wins so it's important to vote only for Amendment 2. 

Several of our chapters also put out voter guides endorsing more of the issues on the ballot, as well as local issues.


Kansas City Green Party Voter Guide:


The Green Alliance of Southwest Missouri Voter Guide:

Amendment 1 (Clean Missouri) - vote YES 
Amendment 2 (New Approach Medical Marijuana) - vote YES 
Amendment 3 (Brad Bradshaw) - vote NO 
Amendment 4 (Bingo) - Neutral 
Proposition B (Rise Up Minimum Wage) - vote YES 
Proposition C (NPC Medical Marijuana ) - vote NO 
Proposition D (Fuel Tax Increase) - vote NO 


The Jackson County Green Party Voter Guide:


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