State Platform Completed!


After a year of our Platform Committee's hard work, the membership at the August 2018 State Convention voted in six remaining planks to our State Platform! All party members had the opportunity to be involved throughout the process by joining Platform sub-committees, sending feedback on draft planks, participating in local chapter feedback on draft planks, and finally during the discussion& voting at the convention. We appreciate every one of you who put work into this project, especially the many committee members! Huge thanks to Don Fitz for leading this effort through to the end and ensuring that we came out of the 2018 convention with a full Platform! 

Sometimes people think that the Green Party is a single issue party focused on environmental issues. But Green stands for healthy balanced systems. The Green Party views all aspects of life as interconnected and we take this approach to our solutions. As a result, our current Platform focuses on the Environment, Economy, Criminal Justice, Food, Health Care, Education, and Democracy. Check out our bold Eco-Socialist vision for Missouri in our new State Platform!

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