Historic Green Party Primary Election



Tuesday August 7th is a historic day because it is the first primary election ever for our party! Before we achieved statewide ballot access in 2016, we didn’t have primaries. This year, we also have our first ever primary race for US Senate between our members Jerome Bauer and Jo Crain! And in Jackson County, endorsed Green Party member Nathan Kline is fending off a challenge from a non-member to be our party’s County Executive candidate. So it’s very important for you to participate in the primary and help make these crucial decisions for our party. Be sure to ask for a Green Party Ballot! (The ballot may not be colored Green).


Also, turn out to Vote NO on Prop A! Right to Work is wrong for our state and is aimed at weakening labor unions and the working class!

You can read more about all of our 2018 candidates here:



See you at the polls!

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