What does it mean to "Get Money Out Of Politics?"


The Green Party sees that our political system is distorted so that the more money one has, the louder voice one has and the more access to decision makers. This is the reason for the slogan, "Get Money Out of Politics!" And it's the reason that the Green Party of the United States does not take "corporate money." But what does that mean and how does that play out practically? At our Spring 2018 state meeting, the Missouri Green Party sorted through the campaign finance quagmire and settled on clear-cut guidance for our party and candidates. Our party now requires all candidates seeking our endorsement to agree to this policy. This is just one way in which we require accountability from our candidates. 

Money comes into electoral races through:

  • Individuals' contributing to candidates' campaigns, political parties, and political action committees (PACs)
  • Contributions to candidates from Non-connected PACs
  • Contributions to candidates from Connected PACs
  • Independent Expenditures from super-PACs
  • "Dark money" expenditures from 501(c)4 non-profit organizations


Individual contributions to candidates and political parties are limited by law. We have examined the other campaign finance avenues and created guidance so that none of our candidates (or our party) will accept money from for-profit businesses, benefit from unlimited independent electoral expenditures, or benefit from unaccountable electoral expenditures.


For-profit businesses

While taking money directly from for-profit corporations is illegal, it is perfectly legal to accept contributions from other types of businesses. We want to remove the distorting influence of capitalist power from politics whether the capitalist enterprise is organized as a corporation or not. Businesses spend money to make more money. They don't make political contributions without an expectation that it will help the business. We want nothing to do with pay-to-pay politics. 


So, our candidates will not take money from PACs connected to a for-profit business or from PACs that take contributions from a for-profit business. Our candidates are allowed to take money from PACs connected to labor unions or allied non-profit organizations. Our candidates are also allowed to take money from PACs that accept money from unions and allied non-profit organizations. 


Unlimited independent expenditures

Federal law allows super-PACs to raise and spend unlimited amounts of corporate or billionaire money if the PAC doesn't coordinate with the candidate. Again, this activity distorts politics toward the interests of those with money because it gives them a louder voice than anyone else when trying to influence elections. We oppose this arrangement so our candidates also pledge to speak out against any group spending money to elect them without coordinating with the candidate. 


Dark Money

Some 501(c)4 non-profit organizations are being set up to make political expenditures in ways that stretch the law governing them. The purpose of this activity is to inject money into politics while keeping the source of the finances secret since these organizations do not have to disclose their donors (dark money). We want transparency in politics, especially around money. So our candidates will return any donations from suspected dark money groups and disavow this type of activity. 


For more explanation and details, read our full Campaign Finance Policy.

Since we don't take corporate and capitalist money, we rely on grassroots donations from individuals like you. Please donate today to fund our work!

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