Abolish ICE...and Demand More

In the midst of the heartbreaking outrage of babies in cages, we must take a deep breath, prepare for the struggle ahead, and demand more.

While we build community at the events, rallies and protests in and around Kansas City, we must continue to show up in Solidarity with one another and have conversations about how we can demand more.

Abolishing ICE is only one small part of the big picture, we need:

  • To demand more than reunited families, rather, we need families to be together and free.
  • To demand more than getting rid of detention centers, rather, we need to end the prison industrial complex and the decriminalization of our people. 
  • To demand more than an easier and clearer, more affordable path to citizenship, rather, we must demand amnesty for all.
  • To demand more than not having a ban on Muslims entering the US, rather, we must demand that the US stops military interventions in the Middle East, in Central America, Africa and throughout the world.
  • To demand more than simply not building a wall, rather, demand free movement for all people.
  • To demand more than closing pipelines, rather, to respect native land and the treaties.
  • To demand more than the protection of water supplies, rather, to stop letting private corporations profit off of water and give the control over these resources to the community. 

...without demanding more than abolishing ICE, the deportation machine will keep rolling. Without demanding more than ending the Muslim ban, the war machine will continue. Without demanding more than clean water in our cities, corporations will further privatize and profit off of resources vital for human life. 

Demand moreWe need to start demanding more. We must make demands that not only stop these human rights violations that the United States is able to do legally, but demands that begin to change the narrative and shift the power to the people in a more democratic way. If we really want to challenge colonialism and capitalism, if we want to end the pain and stop these human rights violations, we must demand more.

Join us in demanding more. 

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