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Kelley Dragoo

2020 Missouri Green Party Candidate for Lieutenant Governor





Kelley Dragoo has spent the last ten years in activism. While attending college, she organized many educational programs and advocacy events on campus from promoting sustainability with to informational panels on LGBTQ+ rights and history. Since then she has been involved in the Kansas City, Heart of America Chapter of the Green Party, serving, at various times, as Treasurer, Communications & Outreach, and Co-Coordinator. She has had the opportunity to represent the party in coordination with other activist groups like Extinction Rebellion (XR) and Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).


In seeking the office of Lieutenant Governor, Kelley aims to focus on three main platforms: Worker's Rights, Public Transportation, and Medicare for All.

"In many ways, my platforms are inextricably linked. We have reached a point in this country where the burden of building wealth has fallen almost solely on the backs of the workers who receive little in return. Our raising of the State minimum wage in 2018 was just the beginning and the citizens of Missouri deserve more in the way of benefits to allow them to thrive. From pensions and retirement matching to childcare and healthcare, Missouri employers should be held accountable, by the State, for the welfare of their workers. The State, through taxes on larger corporations and businesses, will pay healthcare costs allowing employers to focus on providing better, more comprehensive, benefits to their workers. A well-managed and extensive public transit system has only ever been shown to increase job opportunity and alleviate poverty. Missourians will be employed to design, coordinate, and build a new mass transit system that could, potentially, run through the entire state. From Poplar Bluff to St. Joseph and St. Louis to Kansas City, the State would be employing people to construct something Missourians will be able to use for decades to come.


Voting for me is voting for a new vision of our State. One which we create together."

Kelley Dragoo

Something New.


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @kelleydragon



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