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2020 Missouri Green Party Candidate for

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My name is Elizabeth (Betsey) Mitchell and I am the Green Party Candidate running for the office for St. Louis County Executive. During these difficult and turbulent times we are facing, I am focusing the handling and responses to the Covid-19 virus. Below are my areas of IMMEDIATE concern:
  • All front line workers (in the fields of delivery, grocery, postal, transportation) should be considered critical workers and offered equipment such as masks and gloves while performing their duties.

  • Release of non-violent offenders with misdemeanor charges (no violent crimes and/or against persons) and initiate a monitoring program upon release to minimize spreading of the virus among employees and inmates. Many of the inmates are incarcerated for misdemeanors that do not pose a threat to society and only remain incarcerated because they cannot afford bond monies that would allow them to be released and respond on assigned court dates.

  • Another important platform issue is the blatant and obvious disparity of medical care and treatment provided to the African American community which has been prevalent long before Covid-19, however, the virus has pushed the issue to the forefront for the world to see and note. St. Louis County indicates that a significant number of persons testing positive for the virus are from African American municipalities. More recently, St. Louis County is stating the demographics for 40% of citizens who testing positive for the virus cannot be determined; however, with the 60 % being reported, African Americans cases are in high numbers. It is essential that we have all demographic information that is concise and accurate. In daily reported numbers of cases, the St. Louis County and the State of Missouri daily coronavirus statistics do not match. Efforts should be established to have one repository of corroborated and accurate information. We need the data!

  • St. Louis County should ensure its residents have access to face coverings/masks and should endorse the face coverings of residents when in public places such as grocery stores, pharmacies, public transportation, etc. to minimize the spread of the virus.

  • Lastly, the consistent and unapologetic disgrace of Racial Profiling continues to exist, even during this horrific pandemic. Statistics show that African Americans are the most at risk to contract this virus, however, when methods such as face coverings are used in attempts to protect and combat the disease, African Americans are profiled to the point of being not allowed to enter grocery stores and even being removed. This shameless practice must cease IMMEDIATELY on all levels.


Elizabeth Mitchell Campaign Justice Platform


  • Ensure the investigation of all police-related shootings & serious assaults are investigated by an outside counsel.

  • Advocate for the immediate investigation from outside counsel of racist & sexist activity of all law enforcement personnel and demand transparency throughout the investigation and any inappropriate findings will result in appropriate and fair punishment/discipline (i.e. the case of Millicent Williams) which is our Battle Cry for Zero Tolerance.

  • Penalize/Punish Municipalities that Practice Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops in Violation of Missouri Revised Statute 590.501.

  • Ensure that all Municipalities in St. Louis County are Accredited/Certified by 2021 in accordance with Missouri Senate Bill No. 5.

  • Oversight of the operation of the St. Louis County Justice Center ensuring Fair Treatment of Detainees & the Investigative Status of the Deaths of 5 inmates that occurred in 2019.

  • Ensure Police Department Demographics of St. Louis County & Municipalities Reflect the Demographics of the served communities as required by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies & the Missouri Police Chiefs Charitable Organization.

  • Advocate for County Wide Oversight Police Review Board and enable board members to have subpoena power.

  • Advocate for prompt responses from the public to the St. Louis County Council to promote accountability and transparency.

  • Hold quarterly Town Hall Meetings for Municipalities divided by North, East, South, and West.



  • Full Employment Opportunities for All and Advocate an Increase in minimum wage to $15 an hour.

  • St. Louis County Workforce and Boards should reflect the Racial/Ethnic Composition of the County.

  • Support the Growth and Development of under-served Small Businesses.

  • All Contractual Services should reflect a minimum of 30% Minority Contractors.

  • Protect and Advocate the Rights and Fair Wage/Benefits for St. Louis County Workers to include Equal Pay for Women.

  • Support Fair Housing and Lending for All St. Louis County Residents.

  • Legislation to Punish Businesses that are involved in Predatory Lending Practices.

  • Identify areas with dilapidated, vacant, dangerous, and unsightly structures and create revitalization programs for improvement.

  • Assist St. Louis County Employees and Small Businesses in regaining employment and operation post COVID-19.

  • Equal Education Opportunities in all St. Louis County School Districts.

  • Review of Proposition P Distribution.

  • Oppose St. Louis County/City Merger.



  • Ensure COVID-19 Testing/Treatment to all St. Louis County Residents as necessary at no charge to the uninsured.

  • Address the opioid and substance abuse crisis to ensure rehabilitation and treatment programs are available to all county residents.

  • Address the mental health and suicide crisis to ensure effective treatment programs are available to all county residents.

  • Elimination of Health Inequity and Social Injustice of the low income, & uninsured to include African American Females which disparagement has been proven through national statistics.



  • Oppose environment racism that African Americans of the St. Louis Metropolitan area are exposed to at considerable greater risks than their Caucasian counterparts, which contributes to stark racial disparities regarding health, economic burdens, and quality of life (These findings were published by the Washington University of St. Louis’s campus newspaper, The Source, on 9-3-19. The study was conducted by the Washington University of St. Louis School of Law’s Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic).


  • Advance legislation that funds the Elder Justice Act and elder abuse protections of the Older Americans Act; promotes senior financial empowerment and protections; expands elder abuse research and training for law enforcement; enhances elder justice capacity at the Department of Justice; and creates Silver Alert plans countywide.


We support the Missouri Green Party Platform and the Black is Back Coalition’s 19 Points of Self Determination.


CAROL JACKSON – Committee to Elect Elizabeth Mitchell

Email: [email protected] or 314-328-5751.



Betsey Mitchell Green Party Candidate for St. Louis County Executive

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  • Carol Jackson
    commented 2020-05-19 08:43:01 -0500
    I am Carol Jackson, Elizabeth (Betsey) Mitchell’s campaign manager/treasurer. Thank you for such an awesome presentation to include highlighting her platform. I look forward to working with you as we work towards a successful campaign and an awesome victory November 3, 2020.
  • Carol Jackson
    followed this page 2020-05-19 08:36:36 -0500