Kansas City Greens endorse J20 and identify as antifascist political party

The Green Party’s endorsement of today’s action against Trump’s inauguration is motivated by our opposition to bigoted and oppressive policies and language which targets immigrants, Muslims, indigenous peoples, women, the LGBTQAI community, the disabled, workers and many others.


The Green Party is dedicated to building an electoral movement, independent of the ruling class and their corporations, for real and lasting social, environmental, and racial justice that places all power in the hands of the people.


We demand that all members of society be treated with dignity, provided equal protection from bigotry and discrimination and have access to the means of a stable and fulfilling life via access to a living wage, health care, education and housing.


Committed participation in the anti-fascist movement is central to the Green Party of Kansas City’s progressive, grassroots-oriented strategy and is central to any organization that claims to be progressive.


We recognize that elections are only a small part of socialist strategy and elections are merely a barometer of the struggle. The Green Party is the only national electoral party dedicated to participating with and supporting activists in our communities, workplaces and homes in their struggle to build a truly democratic society. Join us.

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