Kansas City Greens for Single Payer

The Green Party stands with the KC Democratic Socialists of America, workers and oppressed people who are taking a stand for our health and our future. We must stay strong and stand together against corporate greed and all the ills of capitalism.


It's called a struggle for a reason, but when we stand together in solidarity, we will win. Making healthcare a right for all Americans -- instead of saving Obamacare -- should be among the demands that are front and center. While Obamacare brought some necessary reforms, the individual mandate ensures that healthcare will remain a wasteful cash cow for the insurance industry.


Having private health insurance does not mean that one has access to healthcare. Obamacare does little to control soaring medical costs and leaves millions with low-quality high-premium high-deductible coverage and millions more with no coverage at all. The ACHA would makes things disastrously worse.


"President-elect Trump and Republicans want to repeal Obamacare and privatize Medicare and Medicaid, while Democrats want to leave it as is. Despite intense differences, the two parties agree on the premise that the primary goal of health care policy is to sustain huge profits for insurance, pharmaceutical, and other health-care industries. The Green Party, along with physicians and consumer advocates across the U.S. and a majority of the public, says that health care must be a human right and that medical care must be guaranteed for everyone," said Sanda Everette, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.


Universal health care is a fundamental human right. We must fight to put health over profit. Join us.

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