Economic Plank

(Approved at the 4/7/18 State Meeting)


The economic dilemma facing Missouri and the world is that billions lack the basic necessities of life due to an unsustainable addiction to fossil fuels, overproduction of goods designed to fall apart, endless military campaigns, mass incarceration and promotion of a culture that stresses unnecessary purchases.  

The Green Party places concern for the well-being of individuals and communities above corporate profits.  The Green Party economic platform is a road map to ending control by a very wealthy few and ending the failures of an economic system based on greed and exploitation of people and the Earth and to creating a peace economy. 

Section 1. Rational economics

To help reduce the production of unnecessary and harmful products, (1) reduce the work week to 36 hours [and perhaps afterward to 32 or 30 hours/week] with no loss in compensation and (2) provide medical care for all and retirement benefits to all employees so people can choose to work fewer hours per week. Phase out the production of clearly unnecessary products that compromise the quality of life by threatening biodiversity, creating toxins and/or increasing climate change. Seek to build local self-sustaining and integrated communities that stress economic, social, and educational ties.

Section 2. Local community empowerment

Allow municipalities to approve or disapprove large economic projects, case-by-case, based on environmental impacts, local ownership, community reinvestment, wage levels, and working conditions.  Allow communities to set minimum wages and environmental, consumer, human rights, labor, health and safety standards higher than federal or state minimums.

Section 3. Workers' Rights

3a. Jobs for all at a living wage. Provide a job for all that pays a living wage as determined by the local community for all workers.

3b. Worker benefits. Paid medical, vacations, maternity and paternity leave, and paid child care.

3c. Job protection.  When a Missouri business closes a facility or reduces employment at a facility because the business has expanded to a new domestic or foreign location, the business shall guarantee education and retraining that result in comparable employment and salary for those laid off.

3d. Worker control through strong unions.  Repeal the bogus “right to work” law.  All workers will have the right to the right to strike and be represented by a union upon a majority vote without employer intimidation. Workers in both private and government jobs should have the right to form “industrial unions” representing all workers. Require businesses to have a majority of board members who are elected by employees of the business.

Section 4.  Enforce Anti-trust laws 

Enforce antitrust laws on businesses operating in Missouri and support measures to encourage new entrepreneurs.

Section 5.  Income Equality and Taxation

5a. Income and wealth equality. Fund economic improvements by increasing taxes on those who have over $200,000 of annual income. 

  1. Establish a “maximum income” by a 92% tax (as in the 1950's era) on all income which is more than 20 times the livable income.
  2. Resist efforts to reduce the existing estate tax system.

iii.  Place a small tax on the value of every stock exchange transaction.

5b. Tax system that is fair for all.  Establish a tax system that encourages low and middle income persons and small and medium businesses to thrive, and that eliminates tax loopholes and corporate welfare that benefit only the rich and large corporations.

5c. Alternatives to capitalist forms of business.  Create incentives to form cooperatives and other non-capitalist style organizations to provide products and services.

Section 6: Physical and Human Infrastructure 

6a. Infrastructure rebuilding and expansion.  Use environmental friendly technologies to build public buildings, streets, bridges, schools, public transportation, water systems and sewers. Rely on wind and localized solar for electricity and minimize transmission. Heat and cool buildings with zero-energy “passive house” design and renewable electricity.

6b. "Rebuild" public colleges and other post-secondary education programs.  Public and other post-secondary education programs should be tuition free.  The liberal arts foundation to education needs to be restored for a healthy society.  Ensure that the content of classes and research are not unduly influenced by business interests. 

6c. Elementary and high school education.  Fully fund all levels of public pre-kindergarten, elementary and high school education.  No state funding of charter, parochial, or for-profit schools.  

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