• Monthly General Membership Meeting

    New members, please join at 7:00. Formal meeting will begin at 7:30.

    Join to learn how local activists and local social movements are developing the power of the people in our electoral system.

    We will be using Slack during the meeting for those with access needs. Members and attendees must be present to use.

    We will have a screen displaying the agenda and the proposals we are voting on at this meeting. In addition, we we will have microphone to help with hearing!

    Also, please avoid wearing perfumes or using strongly scented toiletries. Doing so can cause sensory overload. Thank you for being mindful!

    All ages are welcome.

    Thank you to those who have given suggestions. We are going to continue to modify meetings until they are accessible to all members, guests and potential members. Please email if you have an access need that is not being met.