Saint Louis Candidate Search!

Are you a Green who lives in St. Louis’ Ward 8?

Due to a resignation in Ward 8 of St. Louis City, there will be a special election to fill the Alderperson position.

If you have lived in Ward 8 for at least a year and share Green Party values,
(see latest platform for the Saint Louis Green Party here) you may be eligible to receive our nomination.

In order to be endorsed by the Green Party of St. Louis, you need to:

1. Contact Elston McCowan right away at 314-496-7861.
2. Join the Green Party of St. Louis (if you are not already a member)
3. Talk with Green Party members about your potential candidacy at its December 20 meeting.

The special election is February 13, 2018, but the Green Party will select its candidate and begin campaigning well before then. The filing deadline is January 12, 2018.

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