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Nathan Kline

2020 Missouri Green Party Candidate for

Missouri State Senate - District 7


Nathan Kline Green for Missouri Senate District 7 

Nathan Kline is running as the Green Party candidate to be the next representative of Missouri Senate District 7. He is a lifelong resident of Kansas City, Missouri and a long-time homeowner in the Plaza-Westport neighborhood. A graduate of Kansas City Art Institute, Nathan is first and foremost a relentless worker and creative problem solver who has developed a strong background in both the public and private sector, management and administration. With twenty-five years of hospitality management experience, he brought his skill set to the public sector in 2013 to work for the City Planning and Development Department of the City of Kansas City, Missouri where he currently is dedicated to public service.

Nathan has been a supporter of the Green Party since the 1996 Ralph Nader campaign for president after finally coming to the realization that the two corporate parties are irredeemably corrupt. His campaign for Jackson County, Missouri Executive in 2018 garnered over 34,000 votes as a Green Party candidate. He currently serves as Outreach Officer for the Green Party of Kansas City Missouri. As an avid student of history, political science, economics, philosophy and the arts, Nathan continually seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice to achieve a sustainable, just and peaceful society. For Nathan, the Green Party, as the only political party in the US that is not wholly captured by corporations and billionaires, is the only vehicle that can achieve these goals.


The free market has failed to adequately address the most pressing issues for Missourians. Re-imagining and implementing a path toward a very different society that can make us resilient in the face of the onrushing climate emergency must be our overarching concern. We need an economic policy focused on meeting peoples’ needs instead of fulfilling billionaires’ greed so that we can forge a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.” --Nathan Kline


In office, Nathan will be a champion for transforming our government into a conduit of the People’s will and a vehicle to better the lives of working Missourians, as opposed to a concierge service for the rich and well connected. This Green Party approach to governance includes:

  • Raising taxes on the obscenely wealthy to fully fund state services.

  • Reversing years of growing economic inequality by establishing a real living wage;

  • Investing in public education and employment in green infrastructure and efficiency, instead of prisons;

  • Providing public health care for all so that each of us is prepared for the next toothache or the next pandemic.

Together we can put an end to the profit-driven corporate takeover of health care, education, energy, and the rest of our economy that has failed us so dramatically. Help send Nathan to the Missouri Senate to empower our state government to remedy the failures of the private sector. | (816) 561-0455


Nathan Kline 2020 Missouri Green Party Candidate for Missouri State Senate - District 7

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