State Spring Meeting 2018

Missouri Green Party members from all over the state, representing all five of our chapters, met in Lebanon, MO on April 7th to prepare the party for the mid-term election cycle. Big thanks to all who participated! The members showed incredible discipline, thoughtfulness, creativity, and solidarity during our day-long meeting where you were asked to consider and decide on a variety of issues. Everyone involved did a great service for the rest of the party!

Thanks to the work everyone did leading up to and at this meeting, our state party now has more tools to build our people-power! These tools include:

  • Rules of Order for our state meetings and conventions. Shout out to the Presiding Committee for this!
  • An Economic Plank for our state platform. Round of applause for the Platform Committee for this!
  • 11 endorsed 2018 candidates Strong work from the Election Committee for this!
  • A historic US Senate primary race between two MOGP members, Jerome Bauer & Jo Crain, with the party withholding endorsement until after the primary election but equally supporting the candidates in material ways. 
  • A Strategic Campaign Plan  More great work from the Election Committee!
  • A Campaign Finance Policy to guide our endorsed candidates. Another Election Committee success!
  • A Budget for 2018. Much appreciation for the efforts of our Treasurer Joe Civettini and Chair Zay Thompson. Please help us fund our 2018 work by donating today! 


Look for the items above to be added to the website soon. We'll announce that in blog posts here when that occurs. 


Special thanks to Paul Lehmann for organizing a potluck lunch in a short amount of time. The spread was delicious and represented our communal values in action!


If you would like to be involved in party decisions and attend our annual convention in the Summer, become a member now! You can either join as an individual or through a local chapter. 

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