Teachers on Strike: A Model for Labor

In February 2018, 20,000 school employees walked out in West Virginia. At least 20,000 more walked out in Oklahoma.  Then 40,000 teachers left work in Arizona. Teacher walkouts followed in Colorado, Kentucky &
North Carolina. By 2019 Los Angeles & Oakland saw school walkouts.

  • What issues besides pay are important for teachers?
  • What other school workers should be included in teachers’ demands? 
  • How is privatization threatening public employees? 
  • What is it like to teach school in Missouri?
  • What anti-labor bills are before the Missouri legislature? 

Hear what school workers need to know about labor history and what the “Workers’ Rights Are Human Rights” project can teach them.


  • Tamala Turner, Industrial Workers of the World
  • Cris Mann, American Federation of Teachers, Local 691
  • Dennis F. Shultz, St. Louis Socialists
  • David May, International Marxist Tendency


  • Barbara Chicherio, Green Party, former Nat’l Education Assoc

Will you come?

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