An Open Letter to the Transportation Secretary

Hello Mr. Buttigieg,

I am an Uber and Lyft driver. It has occurred to me that something has to be done about traffic. There is too much congestion. And so an idea has come to me.

Would it be possible to replace Red, Green and Yellow traffic lights with Speed Indicators?  A color coded Red Zero would mean stop. The indicator would be able to display speed recommendations: 5, 10, 30, 50 miles per hour. This would have the advantage of concentrating vehicles and eliminate necessity for timed Red lights.

This is a simple idea that if implemented on a small scale, like a selected municipality could be tested and if proven to be effective could go to a larger scale.

Turn arounds are commonly accepted now. I’m sure they had to be tested and allowed for the public to become used to them but they are a genuine improvement to our system of transportation.

Other advantages would be less fuel consumption. This is an ever-important concern as regards our environment and economy.

I’ve seen information about Grants. I don’t know how this could be considered but it would need funding to be tested and eventually implemented.

As a member and former candidate for the Green Party I believe that there are answers for problems but if they are not recognized and used the problems will just get worse. What will it take to convince some hard liners that Climate Change is important? A tree falling on their house or family? That could happen. 

I love and support this country but have difficulty having my voice heard.

As a side issue the possibility of Rank Choice Voting is an encouraging program that I hope will give myself and others like me a chance to represent our government.

Thank you for your time,                                                                                   

Daniel Karam

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