Jo Crain for US Senate

Jo Crain is running for US Senate because she is passionate about issues concerning our future generations -  issues like student loan debt, the housing crisis, healthcare, food security, affordable childcare, immigration, education and our environment. Read more about Jo's background.




Jo Crain will stand to support people in gaining better access to food, healthcare, and affordable childcare for working families. Our children need the support of our government to prepare for their futures. Jo believes that programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP - formerly known as food stamps) and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are essential supports for low-wage and impoverished families to support their children. Cuts to these programs are anything but family-friendly, and do nothing to support the often quoted rhetoric of “family values.”



Likewise, Jo understands the importance of allowing immigrant and refugee families to have a meaningful plan - like the DREAM act - in order to stay in the United States and build on our legacy of prosperity built with the inclusion of their hard work in our communities. Jo knows that strong communities cannot be built if we continue to detain and deport parents of children who have been born in the US, leaving those families torn and struggling.




As a grandmother of six, Jo has seen firsthand the negative effects of what big money politics is leaving our future generations. Her eldest grandson died at the age of 29, leaving behind over a hundred thousand dollars worth of student loan debt, despite working as much as two full-time workers. The personal impact of her grandson’s death and surrounding circumstances brought the weight of the costs of higher education to Jo’s heart, and has mobilized her to support sustainable solutions for our future generations. Without access to affordable education, Jo understands that our future generations run the risk of suffering from early death under the weight of the capitalized burden of student loans. Jo fears our future will mimic that of Japan - where early death to overwork is running rampant in their society. This leaves children without parents, and hurts society at large with the overwhelming burden of educational debt, and the incessant need to boost productivity at all costs. Jo wants there to be a better future for our children and grandchildren.



Jo Crain understands that our educational system needs improvement. The past few decades have seen a great transformation of our public education that has left children lacking in their learning. We need to return to a time where students are taught critical thinking skills, and have the opportunity to have their learning enhanced through music, art, and dance. Jo believes that our government should put the needs of children first in policy decisions, so that our children can learn in an environment free from fear and hostility. Jo looks forward to a time where our children do not need to participate in “active gunman” safety drills in our schools - where our schools are once again an opportunity for children to learn through playing, creating, and being free to explore the world around them.

“If our children are our future, when do we start acting as if that is so?” - Jo Crain



If you agree with Jo that Congress should be focused on these issues, please Donate to Jo's campaign! 






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  • Chris Orlet
    commented 2022-07-22 22:13:00 -0500
    Not sure how student debt relief is a green or working class issue.